We take our responsibilities as a fashion brand seriously, and the following measures have been our priority since the start.

We have taken care to follow through on these principles without compromise; we know that there is always more that we can do to have a net positive impact on this planet – and the people within it – but we are proud of what we have achieved so far.


  • Provenance of Materials

We work with one of Italy’s most reputable tanneries in the north of Italy which qualifies for the Gold Leather Working Group standard. This means that they have been given the highest sustainability ratings in all aspects of their leather production, from traceability to chemical use, from worker safety to waste.

  • Low Waste

We only use materials that are by-products. This has been our priority since the start, and it dictates how we design each bag. If we think that our design will stray beyond the confines of the hides we work with, we scrap it and start all over again. Because of this considered approach to design, we can afford to use higher grade materials at a more affordable price point.

  • Recycled Materials

We use vegan suede to line our bags, sourced from a reputable Italian supplier. Because so far it has not been possible to line our bags with natural materials, we have rigorously researched and found a lining which does not create any new waste. This was our only responsible alternative.

  • Our packaging

We are in the process of changing all of our packaging to be made of recycled and natural materials, and we are on target to achieve this by 2019.

  • Our Carbon Footprint

All of our leather and materials are sourced in Italy and they travel by road to the South of Spain where our bags are manufactured.



All of our bags are made in a small industrial town in Andalucía in Southern Spain. Set into the hills, the factory we work with adheres to all European standards for pay and work conditions. We know all of the artisans who make our bags and we visit regularly – not only because it’s a beautiful spot with fantastic food and lovely weather – but to ensure that our standards are being met and our partners are happy. We are proud of the fact that, together with some of fashion’s best-loved luxury brands, we are contributing to the preservation of skills and crafts that go back many generations.



At the heart of every decision we take is our customer. We endeavour to keep your needs and desires at the forefront of everything we do, and we aim to establish a relationship with you that is based on trust, respect and honesty. We promise to give you the highest quality product at the fairest price, and we therefore communicate everything we do with transparency.